Oluwasegun Babatunde
Fullstack Software Developer-
Bot/Automation Developer, Ui/UX Designer, Database Adminstration & API Development/Integration.
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    Ilorin, Kwara
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Web Development
Android/iOS Development
Bot/Automation Development
UI/UX Design
Database Adminstration &
API Development/Integration
  • HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, and .NET Framework/Core.
  • Java, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter/Dart, and Xamarin.
  • JS/Python Script and Mobile App Bot.
  • Figma, Photoshop, PSDetch/Sketch, and GIT knowledge
  • MSSQL, MYSQL, SupaBase, MongoDB, Node JS/TS, Firebase/GoogleAds Integration, and Payment/Utils SDKs.
Dedicated .NET Developer with 6 years of experience specializing in the
development of mobile and web applications. Adept at leveraging .NET,
.NET Core, Xamarin, and ASP.NET to deliver innovative and efficient solutions.
Passionate about staying updated with emerging technologies and committed
to producing high-quality code to drive project success.
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Oluwasegun Babatunde
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My Services

Web Development
I will develop a functional website for you with frontend and backend implementation, if you also have any third party implementation you wish to implement, I will do that for you too.
Android/iOS Development
I will develop a functional mobile app for you on Android and/or iOS based on your specified platform and language with frontend and backend implementation including APIs/Libaries.
Bot/Automation Development
I will develop a functional bot mobile app for you on Android and/or iOS based on your specified platform, I will also develop automation tools for you to perform a specific task for you.
UI/UX Design
I will provide UI/UX designs for your Android and/or iOS mobile app on figma, photoshop, or PSDetch/Sketch. I will also provide website frontend design template for you.
Database Adminstration & API Development/Integration
I will provide database for your mobile or web apps, I will also provide API services including integration for fetching and receiving data.

Price Plans

  • Logo design
  • UI Design
  • Mobile/Web Development
  • Backend implementation
  • Publishing and Hosting
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*The price can be reduce or increase base on the project scope.
  • Ui Design
  • Mobile/Web Development
  • Logo design
  • Backend implementation
  • Publishing and Hosting
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United Arab Emirates
Mr. developer Vic Is amazing done a great job there was some miss understanding but its ok later we worked together on that & brought a great project thanks once again, next project will order with this seller surely.
South Africa
The developer was amazing and went beyond the scope to make sure we were satisfied. He took his time to understand and to edit on the way. We are very pleased with his work and as a result will be using him for our next big project in the coming months.
United States
Great communication and very fast delivery I would be buying again from this seller 💯%. Developer_vic is very skilled at what he does And will communicate every step of the way to get the job done. Very fast and efficient.
United States
Does excellent work very reliable quick with responses easy to work with and I suggest him to anyone. Thank you again, my friend.
Great job and still working on projects.
Great job and very responsive, Good work.
delivered on time, good communication and knows what he is doing.
Very knowledgable. Easy and straightforward communication. Delivered exactly what we needed. highly recommended!
United Kingdom

Developer_vic helps you have a very clear understanding and basic technical knowledge of what's required initially to facilitate, then once equipped developer_vic will work his magic and bring the dream to life. Very happy with what we've achieved and hope to work again.
Great work done
Developer_vic is an experienced and great developer to work with. I'll work with him again and again. Thanks for the great project done :)

Education & Certification

Work History

.NET Full-Stack Developer
January 2023 – August 2023

Car Import Automation:
• Developed a mobile bot, web tool, and Chrome extension to streamline car import processes from Norway to Spain.
• Implemented push notifications to alert the company about important events on the platform.
• Designed and developed the company website for customer inquiries and car quotes.
• Xamarin was used for Mobile development while HTML/CSS & .NET Core was used for the backend.

The deliverables were sent according to the deadlines set.

Mobile Full-Stack Developer
January 2023 - July 2023

PAC Research Data Collection and Analysis:
• Created a comprehensive application with Super Admin, Admin, and Researcher roles for collecting and analyzing voter data for a political party's primary election.
• Utilized Xamarin Forms for the front end and .NET Core with MySQL for the backend.

The project was successfully completed within the estimated time.

Mobile Frontend Developer
March 2022 - September 2022

TheBanker Fintech Mobile Application
• Developed a Fin-tech mobile application for payment and transactions based on Figma designs and integrated APIs.
• Received Figma designs for a Fintech mobile application intended for payment purposes.
• Implemented the design using Xamarin Forms for both Android and iOS.
• Implemented the provided APIs to develop the mobile application.
• Utilized payment gateway libraries required for payment operations.
• Delivered the source code to the client, who intended to conduct internal verification before deploying the project to the public.

Successfully delivered the project and it was much appreciated by the client.

.NET Full-Stack Developer
March 2022 - March 2023

BuyBot mobile application
• Developed, maintained, and managed IT software solutions for Mobile and Web applications.
• Designed and developed Bot Mobile Apps for trading automation across different platforms.
• Proficient in bot integration on existing apps and websites, as well as developing extensions for Google Chrome to perform custom actions for users.
• Utilized C# .NET for bot integration in mobile apps and Bootstrap and JavaScript for bot and extension integration in web apps.

Mobile Frontend Developer
December 2021 – December 2022

Affixcity App
• Developed and managed IT software solutions for Mobile and Web applications.
• Managed databases on MYSQL Server and Firebase.
• Designed and developed E-Commerce Mobile Apps.
• Designed an application for partner registration and service verification.
• Created the landing page (https://affixcityapp.web.app) using HTML/CSS.
• Utilized Java and XML on Android Studio for mobile app development.
• Concluded the project on Fiverr, delivering the source code for internal backend implementation.

C# Developer and Instructor
August 2017 - November 2022

Project at Em&Em Info-Tech Solution:
• Worked on desktop applications for enterprises using C#.NET, web applications using ASP.NET, Rest APIs using ASP.NET Core, and mobile applications using Xamarin or Android Studio (Java and Kotlin) with XML for designing from Figma UI/UX.
• trained some young developers on how to use Visual Studio with HTML/CSS, ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET Core, MVC, MySQL, and MongoDB.
• Worked with Web Development, Fintech Apps, and Chrome Extensions.
• Developed, maintained, and managed IT software solutions for Desktop and Web applications.
• Handled database management on MS SQL Server and MS Access.
• Collaborated on the development of desktop applications for enterprises using C#.NET.
• Designed applications tailored to specific needs, such as payroll systems, for various companies including restaurants and schools.

The deliverables were sent according to the deadlines set.

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